CEO Global Award goes to ARNA Genomics founder Egor Melnikov

Egor Melnikov, Founder of ARNA Genomics US Inc., was honored by CEO Today Magazine with a 2021 CEO Global award for scientific research and business results achieved over the last 12 […]

ARNA received the 2020 National Technological Initiative Award.

According to the results of 2020, the work of ARNA Genomics was noted with gratitude by the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov for digital […]

«We consider it important to look for super correct, super-accurate expertise» – Egor Melnikov shared his personal ARNA journey story in an exclusive interview with AsiaTechDaily

«Back in 2013, a friend of mine asked me what my actual motivation was. The answer came easily: “I want to create a company based on my father Anatoly Melnikov’s developments for […]

ARNA Genomics raises $3,5 million in series A funding on ARNA Breast cancer test systems

/USA, Wilmington, September 17, 2020/ – ARNA Genomics US Inc, which develops tests for early stage cancer by detecting specific fragments of nucleic acids in plasma, announced today closing of […]

“This is our dream!”

“This is our dream!” With these words ended the report of the Director of the Institute of Cluster Oncology of Sechenov University, Professor M.I. Sekacheva with the results of proof-of-concept […]

Test for early breast cancer detection “ARNA Breast” showed impressive results of clinical efficacy according to proof-of-concept study

September 24, 2019, Moscow, Russia – ARNA Genomics US Inc., an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the development and implementation of diagnostic methods for early cancer detection, announced the successful […]