ARNA Breast Multiomics Assay

Diagnosis of breast cancer at earlier stage - a guarantee of successful healing!

Women with diagnosed at 1st stage breast cancer are cured in 99% of cases

According to the global statistics, every 8th woman gets breast cancer during her life. At the same time it is proved that the most successful method of combating breast cancer is its early diagnosis. Scientists from different countries are working hard to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of diagnostic methods - these factors literally affect lives of patients.

How does ARNA Breast work?

ARNA Breast Cancer Test is a minimally invasive genetic test based on the analysis of free-circulating DNA in blood plasma.

Plasma is extracted from the blood sample by centrifugation. Then a study is conducted for the presence of oncospecific DNA sites discovered by our scientists.

This method belongs to the class of tests under the general name "liquid biopsy", already approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States. The method is based on the principle of detecting the result of cell decay in the blood stream.

A DNA cell after disintegration, trapped in the bloodstream, is called free-circulating or SC-DNA. Our development allows detecting in the blood samples the presence of identified 6 oncospecific genes. Their increased amount in the obtained sample is associated with the oncological process that has begun in the patient's breast tissue.

According to the results of many years of research, ARNA Genomics scientists have developed a technology platform. One of the most important scientific achievements in its basis was the patented method of amplifying freely circulating DNA directly from blood plasma without prior isolation. The combination of this technology with the analysis of a combination of 6 genes provides high accuracy.

The ARNA technology platform allows the development of tests for many cancers: lung, liver, pancreas, colon, ovarian and prostate cancer. Currently, we are actively working on new tests that will soon be introduced into the practice of early detection of cancer.

Anatoly Melnikov's discoveries

At the heart of our fast and highly effective method lie discoveries in the field of molecular biology, made by the head of the scientific block of the company Anatoly Alexandrovich Melnikov. He has over 50 scientific articles and more than 40 years of successful experience in molecular biology, including 15 years in research laboratories at leading cancer centers in the United States.

A.A. Melnikov was the first to discover and study the phagemids; in the working group proved that the reverse transcriptase is encoded by the LINE elements of the human genome; has developed a completely new technology for amplifying and hybridizing DNA to select information genes from the entire human genome.